After the Rain After the rain is Mary's most recent novel and is available in bookshops now.

How would you react if you were diagnosed with terminal cancer?
How would you feel? This is the situation for Emer Dorgan, a librarian in her fifties who has been looking forward to early retirement and the freedom to pursue her hobbies and dreams.
Remember Me Remember Me was Mary's first novel published in 1996.
This is a moving story about adoption.
It is told from various points of view: the birth mother, the adopted child and the adoptive mother and father.
The book struck a chord with many and was on the recommended reading list from the Adoption Agency of Ireland.
It reached number 2 on the Irish Bestseller list in its year of publication.
And No Bird Sang And No Bird Sang is Mary's second Novel published in 1997.
Eleanor Ross, a successful career woman, newly widowed after a troubled marriage, decides to take a much-needed rest from her overburdened work schedule as a psychotherapist.
She chooses the quiet, idyllic fishing village of Coill as her rural retreat. No previous experience - and she has had many - has prepared Eleanor for what she is about to encounter in this new world - a world of gossip, rumour, innuendo.
Crescendo Crescendo is Mary's third novel published in 2000.
Michelle Bolger has always been in control.
She pursues her career in music while managing to keep a devoted lover, a difficult mother and her own dark dreams at bay. Music is her passion and her life. Her talent sustains her.
Despite her strong personality, she is haunted by a sense of foreboding which rules her life. It follows her everywhere...
Shame the Devil Shame the Devil was Mary's fourth novel published in 2002.

Amy Kennedy, partially dressed, lies on top of a creased duvet.
Her eyes are half open. A year after mother's death, her depression threatens to engulf her. Her mother's cruel and violent tones still rage in her head.
"No tears, no tears now or I'll give you something to cry about."
And No Bird Sang French Mary's novels have been translated in to French, German and Finish.

This novel is And No Bird Sang in French.
It was translated in to French by Daniele Darneau.
The editor was French Company Presses De La Cite.
It was published in June 2000.
Cover is by Pas d'illustrations.
Shame the Devil German Mary's novels have been translated in to French, German and Finish.

This novel is Shame the Devil in German.
The Publishing house was BTB which is now part of Random House.
It was published in 2002.
Shame the Devil Finish Mary's novels have been translated in to French, German and Finish.

This novel is Shame the Devil in Finish.
This was translated in to finish by Auli Hurme-Keranen.
It was publish in 2002.


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