After the Rain

After the Rain

How would you react if you were diagnosed with terminal cancer?
How would you feel?
This is the situation for Emer Dorgan, a librarian in her fifties who has been looking forward to early retirement and the freedom to pursue her hobbies and dreams. Coming to terms with the awful prognosis is Emer's biggest challenge but it also permeates the lives of those who love her.

Together they embark on a turbulent, irreverent but ultimately heart-warming roller-coaster ride as Emer lives out her last days. There is still so much life to be lived: a sentimental journey, a house to be renovated, an encounter with a blast from the past, and a new life to be brought into the world by her beloved American niece, Avril, who comes to stay with her. And what of reconciliation?

For this is a family torn apart by tragedy and a horrific secret concerning the violent death of Avril's mother many years before. Can Emer's approaching death work miracles? How you die is as important as how you live.

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