Michelle Bolger has always been in control. She pursues her career in music while managing to keep a devoted lover, a difficult mother and her own dark dreams at bay. Music is her passion and her life. Her talent sustains her.

Despite her strong personality, she is haunted by a sense of foreboding which rules her life. It follows her everywhere, even on a ten-day trip to Vienna to attend piano master classes, she senses something is not right. The charm of the Viennese streets, music, restaurants and bars lose their magic for Michelle as she feels uneasy. A sinister force lurks outside the charmed circle of her life.

Crescendo 1999 Edition

Her relationship with Ken has its own difficulties. He has a teenage daughter and an estranged wife to deal with. They regard Michelle as an intruder. Her idyllic stay in Vienna turns into a frightening nightmare, and, back in Ireland, the dark forces in her life move rapidly to a crescendo . . .

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Der Finstere Gerten

German Version of Crescendo

Crescendo in German

Michelle Bolger ist Klavierlehrerin in Dublin. Auf ihre Studienreise nach Wien hat sie sich seit langem gefreut. Doch kaum angekommen, geschehen seltsame Dinge: anonyme Briefe, obszune Drohanrufe und andere unerklarliche Schikanen machen ihr den Aufenthalt zur Holle. Michelle ist froh, als sie wieder zuruck in Irland ist, bei ihren Freunden und ihrer Familie - doch da beginnt der Spuk von vorne...

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